The Kate Moss Springer is to springers what the real Kate Moss is to models, the skinniest one you’re ever going to see.  This springer was designed with strength in mind and was made with the least amount of components possible. Fewer pieces means fewer welds and fewer welds means fewer weak points. In other words, this springer was made to be as tough as it needs to be to put up with years of rigorous abuse.

Some of its features include:  4130 chrome-moly tubing rear legs, 4130 solid round front legs, CNC water jet cut triple trees, greasable rockers with helical cut grooved bronze bushings, greasable spring rods with helical cut grooved bronze bushings, polished stainless steel hardware, an axle with polished stainless steel ends and hardware, and chrome plated springs. The Kate Moss Springer is available in lengths from 2” under to 12” over stock. It is not wide enough to accommodate a front break. The spool wheel pictured is not included but is available. Wider versions are available, just call the shop or email us to work out the details.

Available in bare steel for $1200 plus shipping, spool wheel sold separately.

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